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Full range of generating sets

Full range of generating sets Perkins - Cummins -   Deutz - MTU - Iveco - Scania - MAN Alternator suppliers Cummins Generator Technologies - Marathon Electric - Newage Stamford Leroy Somer - Mecc Alte - AMCO Marelli - AVK All Arun equipment is manufactured to the highest standards, in accordance with good engineering practice and fit for the purpose specified. The generator sets are mounted as a whole on a heavy duty fabricated and welded steel baseframe, which also incorporates crane-lifting devices allowing for movement. Standard generating sets come complete with accessories o High Quality and reliable diesel engine with tropical radiator o High Quality Mecc Alte / Marathon or equivalent Alternator, suitably rated o Generator control panel with fully programmable electronic control module o 3 pole alternator circuit breaker with over current and short circuit protection o Gauges and indications o Alarms and shutdowns o Steel base frame with integral fuel tank o Batteries and charger o Silencer and flex o One complete set of Operation & Maintenance Manual, Wiring Diagram and Test certificate o Complete package is shrink-wrapped to ensure all equipment reaches the end user as good as it left our factory For higher specification and different voltages and frequencies please consult Arun International (Power) Ltd. Accessories and Options Arun International (Power) Ltd. offers a complete range of accessories for all its generating sets and switchgear. Prime (continuous) Mains failure Emergency standby Parallel Industrial Low temperature Stationary Weatherproof Synchronising Contractor Tropical Mobile Semi-acoustic Load sharing Military Dust laden Marine Full-acoustic o Acoustic attenuators for plant room installation o Trailer mounted - Either for site or road use o Residential silencers o Spark arrestor silencers o Engine heaters o Spring mounts (AVM's) o Fuel transfer pumps o Bulk fuel storage tanks o Air shut-off valves o Fire valves o Fire suppression systems o Load banks Spare parts We guarantee the availability of spare parts for all our generating sets and switchgear. Standards Our complete range of generating sets comply with the latest British and European standards, BS EN ISO 9001 for industrial, Agricultural, Marine, Aircraft support, Military and Civilian Applications. When requested a Lloyds, SGS or Cotecna Certificate of Quality can be issued. For the latest information on our generating sets please contact us and one of our experienced and friendly sales staff will be available to advise you.